SSIG-ALPR Database

This dataset, called SSIG-ALPR Database, was created to help researchers evaluating automatic license plate recognition problems. The data for the paper Real-time Automatic License Plate Recognition Through Deep Multi-Task Networks  (link to the research page) were captured during the day using two cameras: one placed static while recording the vehicles that were passing by and another placed within a vehicle that recorded while the vehicle moved accross the city.… Read more

SSIG License Plate Character Segmentation Database

This dataset, called SSIG SegPlate Database, aims at evaluating the License Plate Character Segmentation (LPCS) problem. The experimental results for the paper Benchmark for License Plate Character Segmentation  (link to the research page) were obtained using a dataset providing 101 on-track vehicles captured during the day. The video was recorded using a static camera in the early 2015.… Read more