OFCM – Optical Flow Co-occurrence Matrices

Source code of the spatiotemporal feature descriptor proposed in the Optical Flow Co-occurrence Matrices: A Novel Spatiotemporal Feature Descriptor (ICPR 2016). Aiming at capturing more information from the optical flow, this work proposes a novel spatiotemporal local feature descriptor called Optical Flow Co-occurrence Matrices (OFCM). The method is based on the extraction of Haralick features from co-occurrence matrices computed using the optical flow information.… Read more

HOMF Descriptor for Anomalous Pattern Recognition

Source code used in the paper Histograms of Optical Flow Orientation and Magnitude to Detect Anomalous Events in Videos (published on SIBGRAPI 2015). In this paper, we propose the use of magnitude and orientation to describe patterns in crowded scenes. This model describes spatiotemporal regions in the scene to determine if they presents a normal or anomalous pattern.  Our descriptor captures spatiotemporal information from cuboids (regions with spatial and temporal support) and encodes both magnitude and orientation of the optical flow separately into histograms, differently from previous works, which are based only on the orientation.… Read more

Anomaly Detection Results

This page shows results found in the literature for anomalous event detection in crowd data sets. If you like to have your published results added in the following tables, please send an e-mail to Rensso Mora with the link (or the pdf) to your paper and the results to be reported. Up to now, we have tabulated the results for the following datasets.… Read more

Histogram of Shearlet Coefficients (HSC)

This library provides a C++ class called HSC to perform feature extraction using the histogram of shearlet coefficients (HSC), method proposed in the paper A Novel Feature Descriptor Based on the Shearlet Transform (ICIP).

Shearlet transforms provide a general framework for analyzing and representing data with anisotropic information at multiple scales. As a consequence, signal singularities, such as edges, can be precisely detected and located in images.… Read more