Anomaly Detection Results

This page shows results found in the literature for anomalous event detection in crowd data sets. If you like to have your published results added in the following tables, please send an e-mail to Rensso Mora with the link (or the pdf) to your paper and the results to be reported. Up to now, we have tabulated the results for the following datasets.… Read more

Smart Surveillance Framework

The Smart Surveillance Framework is a C/C++ library built using the OpenCV and the C++ Standard Template Library to provide a set of functionalities to aid researchers not only on the development of surveillance systems but also on the creation of novel solutions for problems related to video surveillance.

One of its main goals is to provide a set of data structures to describe the scene to allow researches to focus only on their problems of interest  and use these information without creating such infrastructure to every problem that will be tackled, as it is done in the majority of case nowadays.… Read more